Q: How do I use this site?
A: There are many different ways you can use this site. For instance, you can just look at the front page and see all the information for regional dances for the next 3 weeks and national events for the next 6 months. You could also go to the page for the city that you’re interested in and get information for just that city. Also, the sidebar calendar has all the upcoming regional and national events and dances for the next 6 months.

Lindyhop.fi is color-coded so that all events associated with a city display in their own color. roll over the city name in the menu bar to see which colors are associated with which cities. You can also go straight to the calendar pages and see upcoming events in a day, week or month format.

Q: Can I subscribe to these calendars on my google calendar or google calendar-enabled device?
A: Yes, you can. All of the calendars in use on this site are driven by Google’s calendar service and are publicly available. To add the calendar for any city to your personal Google calendar, go to the Google Calendar page on our site and click on the “Add to Google Calendar” button. You will be redirected to sign into your Google calendar account where you’ll then be able to select which calendars you want to add to yours.

Q: What if I don’t use a Google calendar or a Google calendar-enabled mobile device?
A:For users of Yahoo, MSN and any other calendars that support the ical (.ics) format, you can subscribe to the feed that is available at the bottom of each of the city pages. To do so, right click on the button and copy the url. Then go to your favorite calendar service and subscribe to a public calendar. When it asks you for the url of the calendar you’d like to subscribe to, paste the ical link you copied from lindyhop.fi.

If you’re using a Nokia device, simply click on the ical button at the bottom of the city page and your device will ask you if you want to add the calendar events to your device calendar. To update, just go back and click on the ical button again and your calendar will update only the new or modified events.

Q: Why is the calendar for my city not listed here?
A: Lindyhop.fi invites all cities in Finland where there is a lindy hop and/or balboa swing dance scene to join lindyhop.fi and share their event and class calendar to be displayed on this website. There are some limitations to who can participate and what can be shared. If your city is not yet represented, please contact adam ‘at’ lindyhop.fi for details on how to join.

Q: The calendar for my city is listed, but my dance is not. Why not?
A: Your dance is not listed for one of two reasons: 1. The person providing information for your scene doesn’t know about your dance or class, or 2. Your dance or class is not for lindy hop or balboa. If your dance or class is lindy hop or balboa but it’s not listed, please contact your city representative at [your city]@lindyhop.fi. To remain consistent with the goals of this site, we currently don’t support any non-lindy hop or balboa dances or classes.

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